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are homeopathic remedies safe/

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Are homeopathic remedies safe to take while nursing? My Dr knows nothing of them and won't give me an answer.

My allergies are driving me nuts and I don't like to take normal allergy meds because they mess me up so I wanted to try taking homeos if they are safe.
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Yes, they are safe. The amounts of the substances that are in the remedies are soooo dilute that they would not pass through your breastmilk to your baby. Here's a futher link:

Hope you get some relief real soon!
Yes they are and surprisingly effective!
Yes they are very safe! More safe than prescript's!!!!!
Maybe you'll want to check out Hylands or Boiron web's site they make homeopathics and will answer your questions & call there 800 # .

Make sure if you do take homeopathics that you avoid taking mint in any form toothpaste included or drinking caffiene as these cancel the remedy.

Another point don't touch them with your hands either-this cancel's them too, and use the cap to put them in your mouth.

Good luck!
Hey Rockergirl-
I just noticed you are in VT? Me too!! Where are ya?

Nettles works great on the allergies!

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