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Are Mutts all Quick Dry?

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It looks like they all have QD soakers but for some reason I thought they offered internal. Also, do they all snap-in or are they sewn-in. Anyone know? Thanks!!!
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I think they come or at least used to both ways. My newborn mutts are lay in, my size mediums are snap in trifolds, and the new size 2 I got has a snap-in trifold also. I remember seeing some internal in her store at some point in the past though, but never bought any as I don't do internal soakers.
I thought it's the one size mutts that are quick dry and the sized have internal soakers?
they offer both ways. i have owned at least one of all their diaper styles (onesized, newborn, and the two sized dipes), some have had internal soakers and some have had snap-in trifold soakers. At the moment I only have the 2-sized variety; in my stash pix you'll see a natural colored one which has the internal soaker and a red one which has a snap-in trifold soaker.
i have a couple size 1 mutts that have internal soakers
wouldn't mind trading for some qd size ones though
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