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Are my eggs ok?

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I bought some eggs from a lady and some have white dots on the top of the yoke and others have like a white mass (don't know how else to describe it) near the yoke but into the white.

Are these ok?

Some had a red spot and I thought that was fine, but now some have this white and I am curious.

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That white thingie is part of the albumin. It's called the chalazae and it helps keep the yolk centered in the egg. As the egg ages, the entire albumin becomes less thick and the chalazae becomes less prominant, which is why you might not be used to seeing them in store bought eggs.

The blood spots are also normal, and are absobed over time by the albumin, which is why they're rare in store bought eggs.
if the white dot is like a bulls eye or a well circled dot around the size of a machanical pencil eraser, it's a fertile egg(blastoderm) (but haven't been set on or incubated to start the ball rolling to turn into a chick) if it's just an indiscriminate dot it's an infertile egg (blastodisc), all eggs have this dot even store bought, sometimes you'll have to gently roll the yolk over to find the dot, but it'll be there. They're perfectly safe to eat.

that is if i read the op's discription correctly. this may help
Thanks. I guess I have fertilized eggs and some with big chalazae cords. I just kept thinking that cord thing looked like a back bone and was weirded out. The yoke on these is a great dark color and seem really bright when they are cooked. I think they are great eggs from the sounds of it.

Thanks again
It sounds like you have gotten some great info. I just wanted to let you know that really fresh eggs don't peel well after you boil them. It takes a week or more for all of the separate layers of the egg to "set-up". Once that happens you can boil them and they will peel easily. Otherwise, when you peel them there will be little craters and chunks missing from the egg white.

Oh, the dark yello yolk means that those chickens are on a good diet! Feeding them nothing but grain(like commercial chickens) makes the eggs have those pale yellow yolks. A happy little hen that gets out and scratches around for bugs and eats greens has nice dark yellow or almost orange yolks....that's the way its supposed to be!

Enjoy your eggs!
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This answers the same questions I had!! Thanks.. We have a rooster with our hens and my sister was all weirded out by eating the eggs..
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I followed your link from another forum and I was going to add something, but it looks like everything has been covered!
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