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Are probiotics and/or cod-liver oil necessary for breastfed infants?

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Do you give your breastfed babe either infant probiotics or CLO? Why or why not? And if so, what brands would you recommend?

Our 8-mo DD is thriving on BM, plus one small meal of solids per day. Since she's doing great, I hadn't really felt the need for such supplements. However, I read that Dr. Neustaedter recommends introducing CLO once you start babe on solids to ensure his/her developing brain still gets enough omega-3s. And then today, my DH mentioned that DD has kinda stinky breath, so I thought perhaps the bacteria in her mouth/digestive tract might be a bit off balance and that maybe we should give her probiotics a couple times per week. Is this just crazy talk?
BM rocks on its own, right? TIA
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I don't use any supplements.

Originally Posted by redsfree View Post
BM rocks on its own, right?
Yes, it does.

I don't use any supplements either.
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weird, I was just reading the MOMS who nurse should be taking more CLO

I was gonna go get some
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An EFA supplement is a great thing to start at birth even if you ebf. It's fantastic for the immune system. Generally flaxseed oil is recommended for children. I use cod liver because it's a good source of vit d and rickets is a concern for us in Canada. Probiotics probably aren't necessary at this stage since she's still mostly bf. You could try cleaning her tongue and gums with a soft cloth or toothbrush and see if that helps with the breath odour.
I'm told that probiotics can help with colic type things but I'd rather take the supplement myself.

I take both CLO and CO, both generously actually. My hair stopped falling out when I started the CO and CLO helps immensely with mommy brain.
I've never used them while my kids were exclusively BFing, but I add flaxseed oil to oatmeal and such after they are on solids
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Oh yeah, I should have mentioned that I do take CLO and probiotics. Since they're stored in the fridge, I sometimes forget though to take them every day.

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