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are Robeez/soft soles too slippery for outdoors?

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I'd like to keep DD in soft-soled shoes until she's two, but I'm afraid they're going to start being too slippery for outside now that she's getting really active. She has a couple of pairs that are nearly new but the leather is already getting worn, and it looks like it will be really slippery once it's worn smooth. Has anyone had problems with Robeez or other soft soles being too slippery for outdoor use (on sidewalks and playground equipment--I'm sure they'd be fine for grass and dirt)?
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We didn't have any slippery problems. If they get slick you can take a bit of sandpaper to the soles to rough them up a little.

my kids wear joshoes or flip flops. they're 4 and 2, and we haven't had any slipping issues. joshoes have different bottoms though, they seem considerably thicker and tougher than robeez and the like, but they are still leather and totally flexible.
We haven't had any trouble with them. My little guy will fall down in regular shoes, though!
I worked in a daycare until a couple months ago and MANY of the kids had those. None of them slipped, even the very worn-looking shoes.
At that age it should be fine. My almost 4 yo has a pair and she has slipped quite a few times outside in them. At that age they are just SO active, and I found they don't grip as much as I need them to.
My 4.5 yr. old wore Robeez until he outgrew the 3-4 yr. size a couple mos. ago, and wore them everywhere with no problem. He also wears Joshoes all the time, outside, year round. My 18 mo. old wears Robeez and Pedipeds now that he outgrew Isabooties (although I saw there is a new 18-24 mo. size, his feet are almost too big for those already so it's not worth it).
I think soft soles are great for pretty much every surface, aside from very very wet days (in which case, my kids wear soft rubber rainboots).
If you have to wear 'em then I can't think of a better shoe! We've had no slipping problems with Robeez. Sadly dd won't wear hers anymore
. She'd rather wear her water shoes (well, that's what we call them) or sandles.
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My 15 month old was slipping in Robeez when she was climbing up some plastic playground equipment at Daycare-- they asked me to send her something with a less slippy sole, so I did, but maybe the sandpaper trick would have been enough.
we wear robeez (or generic ones) indoors and out.
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