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Are $ Store OPK's reliable

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Do you think the Dollar Store ovulation predictor tests are reliable? I have gotten positive OPK's from other brands, but my last two cycles I didn't get a positive OPK from the Dollar Store Brand, though my chart indicated that I ovulated?

I probably just missed it, but I was just curious about others experience with the Dollar Store Brand. That is what I bought for this cycle. I feel myself getting more and more fertile. In fact I am going to go take an OPK now!
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different brands work for some women and not for others. I hate Answer brand but for some women they are reliable. Some women never get one on a first response OPK, others that is their go-to for OPKs...

so it could be possible that they just don't work for you while other brands work just fine

(do not ask the science behind this, I don't know. I just assume its different manufacturing processes)

I LOVE them and they're VERY similar to the kind from only for me the Dollar Store tests give an easier to read result and in a shorter amound of time.
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