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Are the stains going to come out?

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This is my first time washing my cloth dipes, and Anna had a couple of pretty rank poops today. I rinsed the poop off right after she was changed and left the dipes in my utility sink by my washer to wait for washing. But the stains the poop left did not rinse away so I am worried that I've somehow done something wrong and now they are stained forever. Right now they are in the wash on a soak/prewash cycle...once done I planned to wash them with a bit of tide liquid. The dipes are dyed prefolds, plus she got poop on one of the white Bummis covers as well.

Will the stains come out? What can I do in the future to help with this? Should I change how I am washing them?
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well I have never had any stains(except the 1 diaper I forgot to put in the rinse before the hot wash, LOL) and I always just throw them in the dry pail and at the end of the day, put all the poopy diapers in for a pre rinse and then put ALL the diapers in for another pre rinse, and then do a hot wash.

How old is she and what does she eat, may help to determine your method.

My DS is exclusively breastfed still at 11 months(with the exception of crumbs, LOL)
They should be fine. If a stain does linger after washing, put a bit of lemon juice on the stain and sun them dry. That should take care of the stains.

I do a cold rinse, warm or hot wash, then another cold rinse. I've been doing this for 4 months now, and only had 3 stains that lingered after a wash. All have come right out after sunning.
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