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Are there older homes in Florida?

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This might be an incredibly stupid question - no, it PROBABLY is a very stupid question, but here goes:

I am in the process of figuring out how to stay close to my retired parents in Fort Lauderdale and still have the life I'd like for myself.

I prefer rural, but as a single parent, need to be close enough to job opportunities. I like to not be within arm's reach of my neighbor's house, which is rare in Broward County, but I'm hopeful for at least a 1/2 acre.

I have an obsession with the Shakers and dream of living in a Shaker-style home, but they didn't build homes in this area. My second choice would be a Cape Cod style, and I'm perfectly aware of how far I am from Cape Cod, but still. I love Maine and New Hampshire, but I'm an only child, and this is my parent's only grandchild, so we need to stick around.

Is anyone familiar with an area of Florida that has older homes (I'm a hardwood floor fanatic) that might resemble these styles, with a little space between homes? I don't know the rest of Florida that well, and was hoping someone might have an idea of what direction I can head in.

I told you it wasn't the brightest of questions, I'm just trying to find a balance.


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There are old homes up here in NW Florida. Of course... it's like 12 hours from here to Ft. Lauderdale. There are actually a lot of historic type homes in this area.
Well, technically, I'd still BE in Florida....

Any particular counties you can recommend?

Thanks, Candice!

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We live in Lakeland in a neighborhood of homes buit in the 1910s and 1920s. I love it! But it's a downtown neighborhood - not a lot of land. We have a typical lot - whatever that is! We can walk to the college (concerts, etc), library, art museum, shops, lakes, etc in 5 minutes or so. I love it! There are some older homes around here in more land. I personally don't care for owning land, so I've never really looked into it.
When we were looking to buy (before prices got really outrageous), we were concentrating on Lake Worth, east of 95. You have to not mind being in a very multicultural area, but there are some cute Key West style homes for sale there and it's very close to the ICW and ocean. I just read in the paper yesterday that many people are buying these types of properties all over, tearing them down and putting up "McMansions" and taking over all the green space they can. I'm sure that if you looked around Delray, Lake Worth, Boca, you could probably find something and possibly find a neighborhood happy to have an "old" homeowner.
Mary, The Pensacola area (Escambia and Santa Rosa counties) has a lot of very old historic homes and some pretty rural areas. They would also have a wider variety of jobs there than where I live particularly, which is Walton County (or Okaloosa County). Walton county is mostly rural, but I would stay as far south as you can in the county because of the job issue. It would really depend on what type of work you do.
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