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Are these 2 things pretty much the same?

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I was planning on buying Lansinoh but found Medela's Purelan 100 yesterday so I bought that.

Are these 2 products pretty much the same? I am finding the Purelan to be sticky and a bit hard to spread on my nipples but maybe that's just the way this lanolin stuff is? I first spread it between 2 fingers as directed.

Thanks for any tips.
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I have found the two to be basically the same thing, as far as spreadability goes. I like Lansinoh better, myself. It seems to last a little bit longer.

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Thanks for the reply. I'll probably check out Laninsoh when this tube starts to run out since I'd rather have it go on easier.
I've only used Lansinoh, but I've found that you need to work the tube for a bit to get it softened up. At first, the lanolin is stiff and more dry/sticky, but as you use it up, the tube squeezing softens it and makes it easier to apply. Also, storing the tube someplace warm (and not someplace very cold) will help.
I had a sample of Lansinoh that I got in a box of disposable breast pads after ds was born- I wasn't impressed with it at ALL. I never used lanolin with my girls and saw no reason to use it this time either. I ended up using the sample on my then 5yo's chapped skin between her lips and nose. I did buy a tube of purelan when I started using wool diaper covers (to lanolize the covers and keep them water resistant.)

If the lanolin works for you, then go ahead and use it. Some women never use it at all.
I've only used Lansinoh, and it's definitely pretty sticky/tacky. It does help to keep it somewhere warm (which isn't an issue in my house right now :p). When it's cold, it gets very hard, and is impossible to put on. Rubbing it between your fingers or just massaging the tube a bit seems to help.

I rarely use it for what it's meant for, though. It's great on chapped/cracked skin, but I usually just use my own breastmilk to fix any problems on my breasts.
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I used them both. One was a shower gift from my sis and one came as a free sample with my PIS. I found the purelan to be "yellower" and stickier. I found it stained my breaspads and bras. I liked the Lansinoh better because I thought it was more spreadable and didn't stain. But - yeah, they are pretty much the same thing. And some people might prefer a more viscous product.

I found it really helpful to lube up nips when I was pumping. They got very dried out in the beginning without that baby spit on them. After awhile they seemed to adjust and I didn't need the Lansinoh, which was good because it made the pump harder to clean.
OT: I had to giggle at the heading on this thread, in this forum.

Of course those two things are pretty! :LOL
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