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Are these diapers too girlie for my ds??

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Please give me your honest oppinion. I know there are tons of mamas who think nothing of putting pink, flowers, and fairys on their ds's bum, but my ds has very boyish stuff, and this is really pushing it for us. Both diapers have a hint of pink. I can't wait to hear what dh thinks of these

Girlie dipes?
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The one on the right is a TAD girly but not TOO girly to put on a boy at all....the one on the left isnt girly at all!
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the one on the right is a little bit feminine ..but I'd still use it on my boy ...the one on the left is definately a masculine diaper.
I agree the one on the right could definately be considered girly but the one on the left is definately a boy diaper. Although I would put either on my son with a matching t shirt and make it a day!
They are both adorable but I know my husband would have a fit if I put either of those on our son.
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Do you like them? I think they are really cute and the first color I see is orange. Either of my kids would wear them.
I'd put them on DS!
I'd put them on my son. The one on the right is a bit more feminine but not overly so.
the one on the left isn't girly at all.
I don't think that the one on the left is girly but I would have to see what the one on the right looked like on him to decide. It does have a little pink in it but isn't overtly girly. Tough call.
I probably wouldn't pick them out for myself, but if I had them I'd have no problems putting them on this baby boy
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I like both prints - and I wouldn't hesitate for a second to put either one on my son.
I like the one on the LT, honestly.. I wouldn't put DS in the RT one
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imo very girly. My dh would not like them
the orange one, not girly at all. Dh is BIG into not putting ds into "girly things" (not that I listen! LOL!) and he wouldn't have any issue with the orange one. The other one he probably would make a face at, but I'd still put ds into it. I don't put ds into *really* girly things (like flowers and lace, but if he wants that when he's old enough to have choices that's ok by me) but just pink? Not a big deal, I think. My Dh wouldn't "forbid" it (again, not like I'd listen! :LOL) but would make a small stink about it.
I think they are both very girly. I wouldn't buy them for a boy but if i had them I would use them because they are both way cute.
would wear with pride but the other one would put dh off I think.
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