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Are these herbs safe for kids?

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I bought an eczema salve at the herb store and forgot to ask if it's ok to use on kids. My DD is 14 months and having a rough bout of it. Here's the ingredients I'm unsure of:

Chickweed, Horsetail, Gotu Kola, Plantain, Rose Petals, Beeswax, Rescue Remedy

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Those are okay to use on your little one. THey are all safe herbs to use externally. Like everything, though, just be sure to see if there's any kind of reaction, some people have strange responses to perfectly safe things. FOr ex, I am wickedly allergic to beeswax on my skin....
I know that chickweed, plantain and rose are safe. I'm not sure about horsetail, it has diuretic properties, it is used internally for bloating, among other things. Maybe someone else knows about the others.
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