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Are these just the cutest AIOs ever?

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Who has these? What do you think of them? Leaking?
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Wow, that is cute! My immediate impulse is I NEED ONE... but then I'm going to be strong. Ok. Impulse buy avoided.

I don't know anything about them though. Just wanted to say they're cute!
Did you guys see her pink wool cover?
That is soooo cute!!
Oh, btw, I have one of them, and I really like them because they will fit until potty training.
5 more lbs and I will be getting at least another 4-5. I just love the prints! I especially LOVE the Canada one!! WOOHOO!
The dolphins (or was it whales
) one is SO CUTE. In fact I bid on 2 of her AIOs 2 weeks ago in gorgeous lizard print and one in plaid, and i got outbid. The no paypal thing kind of stinks,yeah. I have heard one or two mamas review that leaking will happen, too, which drives me bonkers so I just figured I'd pass...but it's hard when they are so cute and so reasonably priced---I have the urge to get them as gifts for friends to sell them on using cloth!
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That is sooo cute! I would love to bid on it but she doesn't take PayPal. Bummer. (Get it? I crack myself up
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oooh, so cute- and patriotic! no buy it now either, ugh.
I spotted that yesterday and thought it was just the cutest thing ever. So, I wrote the seller to see what the soaker was made of as it only says "fours layers of cotton". She wrote back and was really friendly, but the soaker is made up of quilting batten
Too bad! If she would start making them with hemp or sherpa soakers, I would buy the heck out of them. She is obviously an excellent seamstress and the design and fabrics are gorgeous.
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They are very cute diapers and very trim, but Connor peed right through the ones we had.
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I've looked at her AIOs before, and almost bid. THe things that kept me from bidding are 1) she uses Velcro instead of Aplix, so I would think it wouldn't be as secure, 2)the use of flannel - I just don't like flannel diapers, and 3) that she doesn't take PayPal. I am *entirely* too lazy to have to go get a MO to pay for an auction.
I think it looks great, though i would have to add a good hemp doubler to it, but then i have to for almost everything i use, so that is not a big deal at all. I don't see why it would leak, except maybe for the cotton outer, but i am not scared of using waterproofing spray if i really like the trimness and fit of an AIO
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yes I agreee it is gorgious but agree that the no pay pal thing is a killer ,, I have two kids and am pregnant theres no way Im going to try and find parking down town and get a money order
very cute though!
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Originally Posted by mymommyto4
She wrote back and was really friendly, but the soaker is made up of quilting batten
Too bad!
Isn't that scratchy stuff?
I'm curious as to why quilting batting would be a soaker material?
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You can get all-cotton quilt batting, but I still don't think it would make the best dipe. Wouldn't it get all bunchy??

I'm sorely tempted to bid on the Twinkle set thogh. So cute!!
I think more mamas would buy if she accepted PP

I had three last July and it was right before she changed her design (they used to not have the tabs in the fron, the aplix was on the wing) I was scared they would come off, they never did! But they also didn't seem like they would fit very long.. again, she changed her design since then. I always had to add a few doublers for leakage

ANd now, I like snaps
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WOuldn't it get all bunchy??
I have one and have no problems with it, plus they're trim.

theres no way Im going to try and find parking down town and get a money order
You can get one online through bidpay!
wow cute! Too bad I already have too many diapers
I have one and she has the pul or plastic water proofing stuff around the legs and that makes red marks and gets his legs all sweaty and it wicks around the legs if the diaper gets too wet. When he was younger he soaked right through it but now that he is older it will last an hour or two at home. This is my last resort I need to do laundry diaper but I take it off of him regardless if it is wet or not as soon as there is a clean dry diaper. In fact I would put a prefold and plastic pants on him before I put this diaper on him. I need to get rid of it.
I really like these diapers, I own a few of them and have never had a problem!
I like the PUl gussets, and how trim the diapers are.
I add a doubler at night, and when we are out (but I do that with everything)
About the "bunching", this is not true, they are as flat as when I first bought them.

SAHMommy to 3 Little Monsters
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