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My ds has six cavities, which we are treating over four appointments. We received a statement explaining that we will have to pay about $1,000 over the $1,500 being paid by insurance (which also covers two examinations by different dentists and x-rays). I am very concerned that the total bill will be significantly more because the statement does not include two sessions with nitrous oxide and three sessions with "behavior management" (the papoose board they are forcing us to use and charging us for) and possibly not all the resin, which they are using for at least some of the teeth and is not covered by insurance, which only covers amalgam. Each tooth is receiving "restorative" for $153 and a pulpotomy for $218. They only told us that one tooth had decay close to the roots. When I call the office, they just keep reassuring me that I won't have to pay all at once rather than really explaining the charges. Can someone help?
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