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Are those tin camping dishes safe?

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I was thinking about using those tin plates and cups for my toddler instead of plastic, but is it considered safe?

For example, this:
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My parents bought a little espresso-sized enamelware cup for DS when he was very young.

It worked okay for a little while but the enamel portion chipped easily and the metal underneath it was exposed. We stopped using it for that reason.

I'm not sure what the metal is underneath...aluminum, tin, etc. If it stays in tact probably not a big deal but we didn't have good luck. He had 2 different ones and the same thing happened both times. Maybe we just had bad luck.
DS got a set of enamelware dishes for xmas. needless to say they are already in the trash because the coating chipped all off in places. I did some research and read some (depending on when and where they were made) dishes like these can leach lead,aluminum,etc.
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