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For me, it's not about savings. When I started using cloth, I was using a service--it was $64 a month. A box of sposies from Costco (the 'good' pampers cruisers) was $29.99 and it lasted most of a month. So, yeah, right there I was doubling the cost of covering my baby's butt. But, i didn't care. I wanted the cute prints, the adorable bubble butt, the fleece fluff, and the little snappy sounds.

Just as I find breastfeeding to be a billboard for my superior parenting, I also see people watching me when I change a cloth. I'm not sure if they're confused, or if they KNOW that I put in the extra effort to put the best against my daughter's skin, but, well, in my head, it makes me feel like people know how much my child means to me.

Maybe this seems pretty egocentric, but hey---I've got to get SOMETHING for the almost $600 I've spent on diapers in the last 7 weeks---you know? Hehehe. I LOVE my cloth diapers and I really don't care if the fitted are $20 a piece!
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