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if you look at it one way, i'm not saving money. the dipes i like are $10-15 a peice (not including stuffing for the pockets) and covers run $8-18. i bought about $50 worth of diapers in the last 2 weeks (and when you're as poor as we are, that's a LOT of money) and came out with 5 diapers. you can look at that and think, wow, you can buy 136 sposies (of the brand we keep around for my mom to use on k) for $16, and that will last most of the month.
if you look at it another way, i'm saving money. i am not having to spend gas money to drive to the ends of the earth for wal-mart (that's where they sell the only kind of sposies i allow on the girl-- white cloud-- and, god bless my city, is still winning the fight to keep wal-mart outta here) and with gas prices the way they are right now, that's substansial. i am "planning" (note the use of quotations!) a finite number of diapers per size, so the spending will stop SOME DAY (it better, or we're screwed!).
it probably balances out financially in the long run, but there are several other important factors i consider in cloth diapering: cuteness is definitly a factor (oh, i love cute diapers! and i LOVE bubble butt on a little one!), the environmental impact is another, plus the better for her butt thing makes a difference to me-- since starting cd'ing, k gets a diaper rash anytime she wears a sposie! that alone tells me we're doing the right thing!
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