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Are wool covers good for overnight use?

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When I first started posting here I realy couldn't understand why the wool covers were so popular.
: They didn't look cute to me at all (sorry mammas). I thought they looked old fashioned and bulky. However the more of them I see, the cuter they are actually looking, plus I have read so many posts that mention the advantages of wool.

Does a fitted diaper underneath really not soak through the wool? Could you use one for overnight? It sounds like they do not need to be washed that often so that you could get buy with 1 or 2 covers if you used them only for night time. I have seen a wide, wide range of prices, and I am not going to spend a lot of money on a wool cover when I am not convinced it will be something I will like.

Do crocheted wool covers work as well as knitted ones? My mother can crochet and if I found her a pattern I am sure she would make me one. Can you buy the wool at Walmart? Or do you have any suggestions of wahm's who have plain covers that are not that expensive that I could try before purchasing a more expensive cutesy one?
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Wool works great overnight! My personal favorite is the Aristocrat. They're like $25 but well worth it. 2 of those will get you through all your nighttime diapering. In fact, I am on child #2 w/ mine.

Nighttime diapering is kind of a tricky matter and what works for one person may not work for another. Have your mom crochet one for you and see how it works. I would suggest getting a lanolin rich yarn that has been minimally processed and crochet it on the tight side. She could also double up the yarn in the "wet zone" for better protection. Karen (engineer_mama) has great info (patterns too) on her cd page:

You need to make sure you have a really good absorbant diaper underneath wool though... wool will repel moisture, but it does absorb and feel wet after a while.

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Hmmm I don't have any knitted ones yet but I do have a wool jersey cover that I use at night. (one for each kiddo) Haven't sprung a leak yet. The diaper underneath needs to be fairly absorbent, depending on your changing habits at night and your how your baby wets. Both my girls tend to let loose at night
so I have a fairly thick fitted and the wool on top and so far so good!

hth some.
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A wool cover is really only as good as the super absorbent dipe under it. Without enough absorbency, any diaper cover will leak. That said, if you are looking for something inexpensive to try, you can go to Simon's Custom Cloth
So far Anna does not seem to be a big wetter. She spent last night in a Snug to Fit and a Bummis cover and did not leak. She was in it from 10pm until 9am this morning when she was up for the day. That's what I have put her in since we starting cd'ing this week and I have always added an extra doubler/liner thing, but I did not last night (forgot), so it seems as though she doesn't need it.
I didn't do wool for the first several months, until ds started wetting through everything else I tried at night. Once I tried one, I immediately bought a few more and we haven't had a leak since. That morning diaper must weigh about 10 lbs
and we've yet to have any more wet clothes/sheets or rashes. Just wish I would have found out about it sooner!
Also, there was thread in the sewing section talking about where to find wool and the different prices, you might want to check that out. Good Luck. The other mamas will be able to offer wonderful advice as they are true professionals!
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If you're looking for some inexpensive wool, you can always try recycled wool soakers. They usually go for somewhere between $10 & $15 for a soaker that works just as well as a hand-knit one.
you can get a really well made recycled one at
I have one that I paid less than 10.00 for, and it works as well as (or better) than lots of more expensive stuff-you should check it out-she has stuff from 7.99!!!
We tried everything we could think of for night time, and the only thing that keeps my bed (and me!) dry is the fitted/wool combo. Anything else and the sheets/bed/me/baby are soaked in the morning (well, really we're soaked halfway through the night).
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