Last week over 4 million people in the US experienced the joy, the fear, and the weight of responsibility of becoming a parent. And last week a new organization was born to serve the needs of those parents. It is called climateparents, and it is an organization for people with children, or who plan to have children, and are worried about the future their children will inherit in an era of climate change.


So far the response has been amazing. Parents from around the country are signing up. Together, we are asking all elected officials to tell us two simple things:

    1. What policies they will support to reduce global warming and build a clean energy economy; and,
    1. How they will protect our children and communities from the heat waves, droughts, storms and other impacts of ongoing climate change.

For far too long politicians have dodged these questions, and been convinced that it's a political faux pas to even talk about climate change. We, as parents, now have the power to change that. We have a nascent movement we can join. There is finally a chorus for us to sing in, and everyone is invited to lend their voice.


For me, being a climate parent is an affirmation of my concern for the planet and my love for all of our children. The time seems right for that affirmation. If we don't act on climate change now, in the face of heat waves and extreme drought, then when will we do it?


If not now, when?


If not us, who?


Click here to become a climate parent. (It takes 20 seconds or less)



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About Keya Chatterjee

Keya Chatterjee is a Climate Change and Environment expert, and Director for International Climate Policy at World Wildlife Fund. Her work focuses on the environmental crisis facing the planet, and what policies and measures should be taken to ameliorate the most catastrophic impacts of climate change. Keya's commentary on climate change policy and sustainability issues has been quoted in dozens of media outlets including USA Today, CNN, and NBC Nightly News. Keya resides in Washington, DC with her husband Andrew and her son Siddharth. She enjoys practicing yoga, biking, and spending time with her friends and family. She is working on a book about how to have a baby without raising your carbon footprint to be published in 2013 by Ig Publishing. Keep up with Keya's writing on the nexus of climate change activism and motherhood at

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Posted by: Keya Chatterjee