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Are YOU afraid of glass cookware?

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So yesterday I found a nice big Corningware Amber Vision skillet at goodwill and bought it for $8. I then thought about actually using it and wanted to make sure it was OK to put in on the stovetop and cook as usual.

Well I did a search on it today and came across all these sites with all sorts of debates over how safe it was and tons of testimonials of people having had their cookware EXPLODE for what was either totally their fault, but in some cases the people claimed they did not violate any of the safety precautions.

Anyway, we have a cabinet full of nonstick pans, one cast iron and now this new glass one. I was trying to start converting away from the nonstick so it wouldn't be such a shock to dh when I wanted to get rid of it, but now I am truly afraid to use the glass pan, esp with a toddler runnning around.

Any thoughts/experinces? Also - could it be that my more old school amber stuff is safer than the new thinner clear stuff?
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not sure about the quality issue - maybe cheap glassware would do that more? most of ours is older (when quality was still something companies believed in) but we have never broken any other than our own fault dropping something. i am of the belief that a cut can be sewn up and heal just fine but long term health problems or cancer from non stick would really be a bummer. of course an explosion would be horrible but i am not scared of it. I do know not to go from very cold to very hot or vice versa.....
yeah, it just has me on edge b/c what they describe are MAJOR explosions, like big shards of glass buried in linoleum 10 feet away and ruining ovens and one lady had glass fragments imbedded all over her face arms and legs - just YIKES if DS were standing there. There was also a list of all the things you aren't supposed to do with the glass cookware that was quite long and overwhelming and it said stuff like not cooking with anything that might produce any liquid, and if you did that you sould put some water in the pan first so that it could warm up with the food, def mentioned the no hot to cold or vice versa.

Some people mentioned some kind of stove ring that is wire that goes on top of the burner and then you set the glasswear on that and it helps dissipate the heat so as to avoid explosion - I might look into that...
I have used glass cookware before and had no problems but one time I did have a pan explode. It was a pyrex glass pan and maybe I used it wrong but I filled it with water and set it on the stove to boil. While it was heating up I went into another part of the house (this was way back before I had kids) and suddenly I heard a huge bang! Hurrying into the kitchen I saw that there was water and glass everywhere! I was SO glad I wasn't standing nearby as it flew quite a ways. I figured that I had accidentally used a pan meant only for the oven although it looked saucepan shaped to me.

I do use glass baking dishes and have had no trouble.
We use pyrex every day and have never had a problem. I've gotten several of them from the thrift store. However, they will break if you drop them as I have unfortunately discovered.
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No, I use glass bakeware all the time.
I have stainless steel and cast iron for my stovetop cooking though.
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Ack! Now I am!
: I didn't know it could explode. I only use a few glass casserole pans, but I think I will skip the on the stove kind from now on.
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Nope, not afraid, and I wont be either.
Everyone in my family (like mom, aunts, grandma etc.) have them and have used them for like 30+ years now without any problems.
I've never had any problems either.
We don't have cheap ones though, we look for quality.
Nope, grew up w/ Visions and never had a problem! Use pyrex all the time. I have heard of the glass explosions from others, but I have never had an issue! I've found the glass is harder to keep clean the way I like, though!
I had a pan explode not that long ago, maybe a couple of months is all. It was one of my mother's and was from a set she got at her wedding 35 years ago. I can't remember the exact circumstances, but I was so thankful no one was in the kitchen when it happened (actually, now that I think about it, it was on Superbowl Sunday and we had company over). FWIW, when I cleaned it up, there weren't any sharp edges, it broke like that safety glass does, into big chunks. It still kind of freaked me out.

I still use the glass bakeware here at my mom's house and don't really think much about it. I have le creuset for allmy stovetop stuff b/c I don't think that stovetop glass cookware is that practical - I'm clumsy and drop a lot of stuff. I wouldn't want to take any chances.
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