These are the 7 magical benefits of a Spring birth.
Having a baby at any time of the year is miraculous, but there's something about the magic of babies born in Spring. Here are 7 benefits of having a baby with a Spring birthday.

The difference in experience between my two late Summer babies and one Spring baby was dramatic. I am not a fan of the heat, so avoiding Summer as a pregnant self-proclaimed whale made it 200% more pleasant. My Spring baby and I had a lot smoother postpartum time, and it was nice to be outside in the fresh air with my fresh baby.

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1. The natural world rejoices with you.

Spring is the time of rebirth and renewal. Everything comes back: the sun, the flowers, the leaves, the birds, all the flora and fauna. You have a new baby to show the world, and in the Spring you can take it outside and hold it up like Rafiki held cute baby Simba.

2. People feel refreshed and positive.

Everyone is feeling good about the end of Winter and the promise of good weather, fresh air, and sunshine. People are coming outside and being friendly. You are more likely to feel this way as well, so it may give you an edge over some postpartum mood disorders.

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3. Spring Cleaning.

Inside, we're doing our Spring cleaning. Out with the old, in with the new. It's perfect timing for a new family member. You are adjusting your mindset and lifestyle, and you're making room for new things. We do this for baby, too. You get your nesting and pre-birth prep done in conjunction with the energy of Spring cleaning.

4. Taking the baby outside.

When a baby is born in Spring, you can spend the first few weeks mostly indoors, recuperating and getting to know each other. Once the baby starts to wake up to the world, the weather is plenty warm enough to go out without a lot of extra layers or concern. Baby gets a little Vitamin D and fresh air, and so do you.

5. Avoiding germs and cabin fever.

When your baby is born in Autumn or Winter, you spend the first month or so mostly holed up out of necessity, and then you're forced to stay in for bad or cold weather for months after. Being born in Spring means that you've maximized the amount of postpartum time you spend indoors. It also means that your baby is youngest during the off season for cold and flu. Babies get sick, but it's great if they don't until after the fourth trimester.

6. Perfect timing for walking.

When your baby is born in Spring, she's likely to start walking in Winter or Spring. This means she's wearing pants for the first wobbly days, and it is lovely weather when she can really go for it. Babies begin to explore further as their locomotion improves and good, warm weather means they can discover it all with wild abandon.

7. Perfect pregnancy timing.

Having a baby in Spring means you got pregnant in the late Summer or Fall. This is nice because you're done feeling nauseous before the holidays, and you're not still hugely pregnant in the Summer. You avoid the heat's effect on compounding pregnancy woes.

Have the inner-workings of fate and biology set you up for a Spring birth? What benefits have you enjoyed?

Photo credit: RebeccaVC1 via Flickr: CC