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Thought this was interesting...Mods, feel free to move to a different section if need be. I wasn't sure where to place this.

Are You Pregnant And You Received The Pertussis Vaccine?

If you volunteer for MotherToBaby’s Pertussis Vaccine in Pregnancy Project, you’ll be contributing valuable information that may help future moms!

The purpose of the study is to follow pregnant women who have received the pertussis vaccine at any time during their pregnancy. Pregnant women who have not yet received the vaccine or who have chosen not to get it are also eligible to participate. Taking part in the study would NOT require you to change anything about your normal routine. As a study participant, you’ll have access to our experts who can answer any questions you might have about exposures during pregnancy.Pertussis Vaccine Flyer jpeg

Volunteer Today!

For more information, see our Pertussis Vaccine in Pregnancy Project flyer or call us toll-free at 877-311-8972.


If you would like to refer a patient to this study, click here.

If you would like to order copies of the Pertussis Vaccine in Pregnancy Project flyer for your office, click here.
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