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Area Hospital CSection and VBAC Rates

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I was looking around the CareFirst website tonight (trying to find info about adding newborns for another MDC momma) and came across this hospital comparison tool:

Since I have a birth coming up, I looked up the 3 closest hospitals to me to see what ratings were provided and found that they listed the hospitals C-Section, VBAC, and Episiotomy rates. The website lists their methodology for coming up with these numbers.

I'd been curious about these numbers before and wondered if there was an easily, accessible place to find this information. Perhaps this information will be helpful to other women in the area.

(please let me know if that link doesn't work... I was redirected there from the CareFirst website under Member Services/My Account information).

ETA: Looks like you have to login to use this service, so I guess it's only available to CareFirst subscribers/users. Darn.
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The link didn't work for said I had to return to some other place and login again.

Originally Posted by KimPM View Post
The link didn't work for said I had to return to some other place and login again.
Okay, the yeah, darn, you probably need to be a member to view them then.

So ... people using CareFirst for insurance can log into their My Account section of the website and towards the bottom of the page there is the Hospital Comparison Tool link. This link they mention the tool in their online tools with a link to the demo, but the demo links to the same link as above:

(I'm not currently logged in, so hopefully that link works)

It says the data is provided by WebMD, wonder if there is another way to find this data then. I was hoping this would be accessible to more people.
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ICAN can get you this information.

ICAN of Baltimore

Contact: Barbara Stratton
eMail Address: [email protected]
Telephone: (410) 483-3202

Or Contact: Bobbie Humphrey
Telephone: (443) 375-6829 has it for some states as well. (I got it for MD from the State Dept of Health, but I don't think they've uploaded it yet!)
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