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My son is 4 1/2 and a really fun kid to be around. Particularly when we're home doing things together, are out and about or when he's at school. I'm really lucky. But preschoolers, at times, can do things that are maddening. Especially when mom's desperately trying to find a job.

Yesterday, he cut some of my toddler foster daughter's hair. Not horribly, but enough for a mother to notice. But today, he went upstairs when he heard her waking up from her nap. It was quiet for quite a while, so silly me thought they were playing quietly or he was reading to her.

Um, no. Her crib was collapsed on the floor. It's a portable one but really sturdy, but it's designed to fold. If the locks are open, which they weren't since she had been sleeping. A piece had broken off. He was playing jail.

I really don't have money to buy her a new crib. She's not really ready to sleep in a regular bed. Well, she probably is but I'd have to buy one for her. Co-sleeping isn't an option for her.

My son is one of the two lights of my life but.....

Ok, vent over.....
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