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argh... *losing* weight

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I don't know what the heck to do. I try eating and I can, but only for a bit. After a couple of bites of something (that initially tastes good), I suddenly want to hurl. So I have to stop.

This happens at nearly every meal, so I end up eating only about half of what I'd normally eat. And, this is probably why I've lost 5.5 pounds since Friday. Between my first and second OB visit (4 weeks) I lost 3 pounds.

This is really just a vent of sorts... because in the past week I've felt worse than I have all pregnancy. I think I'm around 13 weeks now, so I was thinking all nausea would ease up instead of intensifying into making me feel flu-ish even.

I'm just trying to eat small bits of anything I can stomach throughout the day. And I am taking my prenatals and they're staying down fine.

Thanks for listening. Ugh.

(and... as a sidenote here... I suppose some of this could be stress-related. On Friday I found out they had hired a replacement for me at work -- and told me he was starting Monday --today. So... my SAHM-dom is here! And that is a GREAT thing... but it was just a bit sooner than I anticipated.. and it's causing me a bit of worry!)
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just wanted to let you know I read your vent and am sending good thoughts your way!

hang in there!

ps: I have to tell you I love your user name! My mom's name is Judy, and for as long as I can remember, my dad has been calling her "Bean" :LOL
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Hang in there. In my last pregnancy I had hyperemesis and lost 25 lbs during my pregnancy (had to get countless IVs, etc), I still bounced back and gained 28 lbs and had a healthy 8 lb 5 oz baby (though I still had some nausea/vomiting the day before I delievered). Just eat what you can when you can, or and sometimes it helps to eat things an hour or so apart from drinking things.
just curious, i noticed that you have a young child - are you still nursing? could you have mastitis? that often starts out flu-like...

ack - clicked send prematurely...

anyway, i don't know if you're still nursing or trying to wean or experiencing changes in your child's nursing pattern, etc...those things might lead to a clogged duct and to mastitis...i'm just saying that because it seems that this increased sickness came on suddenly and is really severe...i wouldn't want something like mastitis to be overlooked.
i hope you feel better soon!!
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I am 11weeks and I seem to be developing MORE nausea and puking more regularly. Food is not really appealing and I have lost a couple pounds, although not alot. I seem to remember this from my last pg that things got worse when i thought they should get better.

That's good advice on the mastitis too, I thought i was getting it the other day. I spent fri night in ER and Sat with friends and didn't nurse. Man, was I SORE. He only nurses like once a day, but owie if he doesn't!!

Good luck, i hope our puking days are over soon.
No mastisis (not nursing), but thank you for mentioning that, in case other mamas could have that problem!!

During my pregnancy with Katherine I did lose weight overall as well, but it was more towards the end. I gained a bit early on, and *then* lost it gradually (eventually ending up 12 pounds lighter at fulll-term than I was before I got pregnant).

Sometimes my stomach just feels like it's... well, almost like it is eating itself ... maybe because I *am* hungry. But.. the thought of food just makes my stomach roll.

Thanks for the suggestion of eating and drinking at separate times. I'll have to try that.

And... for the record, there's plenty of food for this babe (aka fatty reserves). I did lose 23 pounds before getting pregnant... and now, with losing more my pants really are falling off of me. I know.. some will say, "Gee whiz, you should consider yourself lucky, here I am blowing up like a balloon!" ... but... ugh... there just seems like there can be so much to worry about with pregnancy that I just needed to vent a bit. Plus, I get the 'tsk-tsk' look when I tell people I've lost weight -- as if I was *trying* to. ugh!
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And... I will throw in that both my babes were nice-sized
Madeline was 9 lb 1 oz, Katherine was 8 lb 7 oz. So they were okay
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I'm a firm believer in the notion that our bodies know what they're doing during pregnancy. Our bodies will put on whatever weight they know they need to care for the baby. It's our job to provide our bodies with the food it craves as best we can.

I think a lot of the concern with weightloss in pregnancy is misplaced. Weight gain is one sign that things are going alright -- we're able to give our bodies good food and our bodies are accepting it. I really think a lot of the concern with weightless from our care providers is that so many women fear what pregnancy will do to their bodies that they actively work to deny their bodies the food they need. But when your body is saying "no way, no how" to food, listen. Your body is telling you this for a reason. Even if we don't understand the reason or even if we wish we could just choke down that sandwich, our bodies are telling us to hold off for a few more weeks. Our brains aren't in charge anymore.
Thank you, Wendy.

I know this, somewhere inside of me, but.. dangit... not everybody else understands. A co-worker of mine (for just a week longer! then I'll be a SAHM!) who started out heavier than I has gained weight and will hear nothing of my losing weight. I'm certainly not trying to 'rub it in' anybody's face of course.. but.. ugh.

Thank you so much.
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i have a food suggestion. Plain cheerios. It;s all i could eat wit Jewely and i still lost 11 pounds the first tri mester. and i had no fat reserves then for the baby. she was born super healthy and really surprisingly strong. I continued being sick throughout the pregnancy but not like inthe first trimester and i did gain weight. anyways hope that was of some help

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