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I have the perfect routine down, all of my dipes (prefolds, flats and a few flannel blankies if we run out) come out clean as well as the covers.<br><br>
Until I got some doublers. These come out stained *every* time. I keep putting them back in the pail, and they have to go through two or three washes before they're clean. I've pretty much stopped using them cause this ticks me off. Now I just trifold an infant prefold to add bulk for night time.<br><br>
But these things are taunting me - I'd love to be able to use them since with them it's so trim. I have no idea on how to get them clean though. Amazingly enough, the poop stains on them have been more yellow than the green I expected.<br><br>
Any advice? They're cotton, and some have terry and some velour on one side. Both sides stain equally.
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