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Aristocrat and Lana or Disana sizing-HELP!

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i have a small and large aris. the small is too small and the large is too big! i am looking for a size that is in between. For anyone that has a lana or disana med, how much bigger is it than an aristocrat small? how much smaller is it than an aristocrat large? tia-heidi
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I have a lana medium and a lana large, and both are smaller than the aristocrat large. Not so much in rise, but definitely in all around roominess. The lana is much trimmer. DS can wear the medium and the large lana no problem--he's around 21 lbs, and not too chunky. The aristocrat looks baggy on him, although he wears that too. He's probably an aristocrat medium, but hey, he isn't wearing it under clothes, so it's not a problem

I don't know if that helps any. I can give you exact measurements if you want them!

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