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Aristocrat sizing-HELP!

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Is there a big gap between the aristocrat small and large, or do they overlap? I ordered some larges, and they are way big, but the smalls I have are way too small. BUt, I think my smalls have shrunk, so I am cosnidering ordering more smalls. However...I do not want to do that if they really have not shrunk. I am thinking about ordering a disana medium, but i really like the aristocrat, and I can't understand how there could be such a gap when they do not offer a medium. So, tell me, how close in size are your smalls to your large aristocrat. My baby is 23-24 lbs. and over 30 inches long, do you think a small will fit over his nightime diaper butt? How big is your baby that is still in a small? TIA!
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you are suppose to fold over the waist for smaller sizing. I use the xlarge on Alek but I have to fold down 4-6" of it1 I prefer that to it being too short.
The waist is not the problem.
The legs are really big!
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