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Aristocrat v. Lana revisted

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I asked last week about people's experiences with the Lana v/ the aristocrat since we have the Lana and were thinking about trying the aristocrat since the Lana was so stiff and uncomfortable looking lately. We got the aristocrat today and she is sleeping in it tonight (I hope it comes lanolized, if not, oh well!). Anyway, it looks SO much more comfortable than the Lana was. I think that the Lana had gotten too small for her. I also think the Lana fabric is more felted than the aristocrat? Just seems like a tighter knit. The main thing I guess, though, is that the Lana had no room in it, and the 'crat is more baggy. So, just wanted to update anyone who had the same question!
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I owned both and now only Aristocrats. The Lana just never cut it, leaked all the time. The Aristocrat is a far better fit too and seems to keep it's new appearance forever!

Here is a picture of mine I dyed with Kool-Aid
Kool-Aid Dyed Aristocrat
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We have both, and I like both. They seem to work just about evenly for us, but I'd use the lana if I was putting clothes over it--it's trimmer. The aristocrat works as clothes all by itself becase of the extra roominess. Of course, I'm not using cloth at night, so I can't speak to that. I know I ought to use cloth overnight, but DH isn't keen on it, and since he agreed to use cloth during the day without complaining too much, I've let him have his way at night!

We have both too. I like the Lana. It's softer and keeps it shape. We don't have leak problems with ours, and mostly use it at night.
No leaks last night, yay! We never had leaks with the Lana either though. So a big
for both of them. I do think the Lana wool is softer but I don't think the Aristocrat wool is scratchy at all, IMO.

Anyway, they do seem to just have a different fit, and I am sure some work better for some kids. I like 'em both and am happy I got the aristocrat too!

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I have both, and I love the look and trim fit of the Lana's wicks terribly and just isn't nearly as reliable as our crats.'s so soft and fuzzy and squishy. Maybe I'll trying lanolizing the heck out of it. :LOL
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