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Aristocrats vs. WAHM Soakers?????

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Aly has been wearing an Aristocrat to bed and it works great for us. I've started ordering some WAHM hand knit soakers and just wonder if the generally work as well at night? I got my first today and it is adorable and sooo soft and I
it but I'm just nervous. We have a brand new king size

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The few that I have work just as well, they're just too darn pretty to be hidden away at night.
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I think they work just as well...I've used hand knit and crocheted soakers at night on my toddler.
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i think they work just as well as long as they are worsted weight wool and not the thinner sport weight. i have a couple super trim and thin daytime soakers that just wouldn't be able to handle it as a night time soaker.
My ds is not a heavy wetter so we use all types of soakers at night for him, along with his aristocrat. If you have any worries I'd definitely go with a crocheted one or at least a heavier weight for at night. I think soakers look so soft and comfy to sleep in!
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