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I just got one of these for DD.....she is a chubby 22 pounds and it seems REALLLLLY this right?
It just doesn't seem like she will have any room to grow....I mean it is stretched right now and it's a large.
Does any one else not like this cover?
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I don't yet have one of mine own but I did kust order an extra large for my 36 pounder because I only read wonderful things about Aristocrats on this forum.
Maybe you were sent the wrong size, or it's tagged wrong?
Hmmmm, my 31 lb, 2 yo, ds wears a large - fits just right. I'm wondering if it's mislabeled. Then again, your 'lil one maybe chunkier than him in the tushie department.

Shea has about 12" thighs and 18" waist.

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My 8 1/2 month old who is 21 pounds or so has a large and it is pretty snug too. I got mine used off of eBay though, and in the description the person told me it was somewhat shrunk.
I got it anyways b/c it was a really good price and I figure my new baby will be able to wear it too. (I still love it though!)
sooo if it was used, maybe it was shrunk?
I am guessing it was shrunk? My son is big too, I dont know his exact weight right now (24 pounds?) (he was 22 pounds at 7 months and now he is 12.5 months). Anyways, we have a large and it was VERY roomy on him. I accidently put it in the washer and NOT the dryer and it still did shrink a bit. It still fits but it is much more snug. I really like my aristocrat.
We also use a Large for my 30lb. 27 month old, but he is tall and skinny. Skinny waist and skinny legs.
I have a 27 lb 10 mo and he's in a large Aristocrat (at this very moment actually
) It started out quite snug on him but I just noticed today that the thigh holes are starting to gape. Maybe it will take a few wearings to loosen yours up a bit. I'm not quite sure what to do about the gaping here but HTH.
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Also the thing to remember about weight ranges is that they don't account for body shape.

My dd was plump in the rump as a baby but as soon as she started to crawl she went through this thing where she got really tall and skinny without actually loosing or gaining any weight. Prior to this she was at to bottom of most size larges in their listed weight range but seemed to max them out in actuall fit.
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