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This is such an incredibly odd question, but I'd like to describe what's happening and see if anyone has an idea if this could be related (I don't assume so but I'm just curious).<br><br>
Wednesday: Felt slight soreness in left lymph under arm, that went down into nipple discomfort.<br><br>
Thursday evening: Realized throat was sore on right side like beginnings of Strep. (I assumed that's why the lymph had been sore previously.)<br><br>
Thursday at bedtime: Was laying on left side and felt like right arm was going numb b/c it had been on pillow and maybe was higher than heart. I adjusted it and fell asleep.<br><br>
Friday morning: Woke up with right shoulder/arm sore. Not always unusual to wake up somewhat achey (we have an old mattress and pillows) but usually it shakes off after I get up and around.<br><br>
Friday mid-morning: Right arm still somewhat tingly and sore.<br><br><br><br>
So my question is: Could the soreness in my rightside throat have some conceivable connection to my right arm pain? Or do you think it's more likely two separate things (strep vs pinched shoulder nerve) that happened to occur at the same time.<br><br>
I'm not really thrilled my arm feels this way, since most googled checks lead to worrisome things like stroke, but I'm not freaking out either.<br><br>
I'd appreciate any thoughts/ideas. Thanks~
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