When the fabulous Tracy Mayor pitched her feature on parenting after an apocalypse, I was couldn't wrap my head around it. As much as I love her writing (and postapocalyptic fiction like The Hunger Games series and Oryx and Crake), what would it be? A series of interviews with assorted conspiracy theorists? An in-depth look at all the stuff you can do with duct tape and batteries?

Last week, the East Coast saw an earthquake and a hurricane. Tracy's feature was very much on my mind.

"What if we're raising our kids to succeed in a George Jetson kind of world, but they wind up living more like Fred Flintstone?" she writes in "Armageddon Mama." It's fascinating and, to me, oddly comforting. Go on, now. Have a read.

Here's hoping everyone's safe.

-Jennifer Niesslein, co-founder of Brain, Child magazine

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