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Yep, totally safe, it's a bioidentical hormone (something your body needs to produce anyway). Having a healthy thyroid in pregnancy is crucial -- I get my levels tested every 4-6 weeks in pregnancy, more often if I feel symptomatic, as high HCG levels, changing hormones, and the needs of a growing babe often means a temporary increase of dosage. My dosage has already been raised from 60 to 90 mg. My doc likes my tsh around 1, which rocks because many doctors still use the old guidelines of a TSH up to 6 as 'normal'. I feel like death at 6.

I was on synthroid during last pregnancy (babe was perfect, she's 5 now) and I needed an increase in pregnancy then too. However, my body responds much better to Armour and I like that it's natural (even if it is from an animal

Hope that helps! Feel free to pm me
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