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I'm so glad to find this thread. I am 10.5 weeks pregnant and take Naturethroid, the generic of armour. I had my thyroid checked as soon as I found out I was pregnant and TSH was 1.5, but free T4 was low-normal. Of course, my doctor thought that was just peachy. I had read somewhere else that the T4 needed to be upper-normal, and now I'm reading it again here... I just called my doctor's office again to ask for the NUMBERS from my last tests, but I'm wondering-- is there still time to correct this, or has my baby's brain been damaged already?

My new endo is not a proponent of armour/naturethroid. He says taking ANY T3 makes your FT4 lower and causes blood levels to vacillate. But if I don't take T3, I have mega symptoms. Has anyone heard of adding some synthroid with armour to keep the T4 up?

It just makes me so unbelievably angry that these "doctors" are about to screw up my child because of their ignorance and lack of attention! What should I do??? I have had it checked twice since that first test and again they said "normal" but I didn't find out what the levels actually were. I have put in a call... let's see how long it takes them to get back to me...

Thanks everyone. What would we do if we didn't have each other and only relied on doctors? Scary.
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