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Arms Reach mini vs freestanding basinette, for safety

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We currently have a regular oval freestanding basinette. We used this for DD1, then again for DD2, right next to our bed. DD1 was 8 when DD2 came, so I never worried about little hands trying to reach in or scale the basinette in the middle of the night.
We stuck it next to the bed, and DDs would just go back and forth between our bed and the basinette through the night depending on how much space I needed at a given moment, and how asleep she was.

This time, I have a 2yo DD. She sleeps across the hall most night, but is a total night owl. She likes to appear next to our bed with a book to read, or climb on in bed, or just whatever she wants to do for fun at 2am. :)

I worry that with DD3 coming, if I put her in the freestanding basinette, that DD2 will wander in and decide to catch a peek and this if new DD is not in our bed, but in the basinette we have now, she will tip it. There is an Arms Reach mini I can get used for $75. I am thinking I may feel better since it kind of attaches to the bed.

I have never seen a cosleeper in my thinking above logical?
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I had a regular sized Arms reach for my DD when she was an infant, not b/c of other children, but because I was afraid to bedshare when she was so small. It attached very firmly to our bed and I think it would be much harder to tip or knock over. I think it would be much safer in your situation.
I like the side car idea. It seems more sturdy to me.
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