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At H. E. A. V. E. N
January 22nd and 29th 2005
8:30-4:30 (class may run over)
This program is on site and it is 16 hours of on site training and entails approximately 10-20 hours of homework and extensive additional work. This aromatherapy program is intensive and it exceeds the National Association of Holistic Aromatherapy's level one guidelines for training.

What is Covered?
Complete Body Systems
Art and Science of Aromatherapy
Aromatherapy for families, children, pregnancy, etc.

What are the NAHA guidelines that the program exceeds?
Introduction to Aromahistory-focus on ancient cultures Profiles of 10-20 essential oils Production and Quality of Essential Oils Basic Physiology-Methods of absorption, general overview of limbic system, lymphatic system, immune system, and skin How oils interact on physical and emotional levels Basic aromachemistry with contraindications of certain oils How to create a blend, carrier oils, and various methods of application.
This class is great for Doulas, Massage Therapist, Midwives or anyone interested in Aromatherapy.

The program is $350.00
Register by contacting*- 978-462-5454
Or email [email protected]
Where is class?
The Towle Building, 260 Merrimac St., Newburyport MA.
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