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Arrghhh! I don't ever remember to temp when i wake up!

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it's so annoying, and i even wake up at the same tiem every day. but i never remember to temp until acouple hours later...pout pout did you ladies remember when you were first starting out?

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LMAO I know how you feel. I get DH to wake me up before he leaves for work by sticking the thermometer in my face.
It took me a couple weeks to get into it--actually the end of the first 2ww, got me temping reliably!!
I'm afraid that I'm not of much help on this issue. At the beginning of this whole thing, I could hardly stay asleep long enough in the morning, to get an accurate temp. I would have dreams about taking my temp, what it would be, etc. It's calmed down for now, but I'm sure my neurosis will pick up again once I get into the 2ww!

If it fits your situation, maybe your partner could help you out. At this point, temping is just another part of my groggy morning, so my husband has a huge role in making sure that I get it done!
It's been so long ago, I can't remember how I remembered in the beginning. By now, though, it is second nature. I am reaching for the thermometer while I am still mostly asleep. Just keep at it, soon it will be second nature for you too. Although, I hope you don't have to do it for as many months as I have!!

By the way, we did Elimination Communication, too! Started when DD was two weeks old. If we are lucky enough to have another one, I will start from day one. We all loved it, even my hubby, who was quite skeptical at first.

Baby dust to you!
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