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arrrgg help did i just ruin my toilet??!!!

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i rent. i am freaking out right now cuz for the last month(+) i have been been an utter slacker about scrubbing the toilet bowl. i think i did it once or twice superficialy...but seriously i had no idea it would ruin it i just thought id have to get toxic chemicals to clean it....

ok so i just did the toxic bleach toilet bowl crap and it did NOTHiNG to the apparent minerl build up thats in there. before moving to montana i have never seen tiolets just collect deposits like this before...or like if you pee and dont flush at night due to sleeping child, the toilet bowl gets all nasty lookng just form that.... i just never had that happen anywhere else but here. anyway i will spare you the details , except to say that the couple times i did clean it i noticed that the yellowsh stuff wou,dnt come off, it just turned blue (????) and so today i scrubbed it scribbed it scrubbed it to no avail

i got frusterated and got my steel wool scrubbie from the kitchen and went at it and if you knew what a germophobe i am you would realise the extent of my frusteration with my no longer white toilet looks disgusting

now everywhere it was bluish or yellow it is gray, and looks either like a deep stain or like the porceline actully got scraped off??
what am i going to do? i am freaking about our damage deposit...not to mention the realization i am going to have to look at that nasty bowl every day and be embarrassed when friends come over could just a month or so of neglect do this??

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I'm not a toilet queen but I think that bleach doesn't work for mineral stains, I don't know of a natural product but I've never had mineral issues. The steel wool could have scratched the toilet.
My toilet was like this. Alot of mineral/calcium build-up. I got some of it off with a pumice stone, but that was a ridiculus amount of work. My landlord came along with CLR and fixed it right up. They have this stuff and others at your local hardware store.

Good luck

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A pumice stone works wonders when our toilets get buildup, and it comes off really easily for us.
it is just the steel wool against the porceline, something like comet will take that off, baking soda might work as well.

Originally Posted by Mere
A pumice stone works wonders when our toilets get buildup, and it comes off really easily for us.

Ditto to that. Make sure you push the water back into the tank before you clean it, it makes the job much easier.
Just take the toilet brush and "plunge" the toilet, it will force the water back in (thats how professional cleaners do it).

Good luck
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bar keepers friend (simular to comet-but NOT the same- in a gold can) and a green scrubbie should remove the marks from the steel wool.
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oh thank you my fellow toilet scrubbers! today is the big day! i bought some of that CLR....i was shocked when i got to the register and it was $12 ! i thought it would be like 3 or 4 bucks like everything else, didnt bother looking...but anyway thats irrelevant...i just figure it might be good to have on hand anyway since i really hate scrubbing the toilet and the pumice stone thing sounds great but god i really dont want to stick my hands in there again, anyway today i am going to CLR it and see if it helps as i didnt get all the mineral stuff off anyway...

i do drain the toilet as much as i can ( flush then quick shut the water off) but thanks for the tip about "plunging" it...good idea
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Did the CLR work?
yes! it looks like it will do the trick! thanks! although its not easy. i scrubbed till my arms were tired. maybe my toilet bowl scrubber is too old??

but it was taking off the gray stains. they arent totally gone but i can tell if i do it one or 2 more times they will go away. i looked at pumice today and i was thinking as i looked at it that really if i got pumice i would rather use it luxuriously on my feet, LOL than waste it on my tiolet...


its a toilet triumph!!!

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