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MaryAnn Kohl's books are great. She has one entitled Science Art, I believe, as well as Math Art, Preschool Art, and lots more (for some reason mine aren't on the shelf where they belong, so I can't see the titles...)

For drawing there's Drawing With Children. Dd enjoys drawing, so I also got some of the Draw-Write-Now books. She skips all the handwriting.

Let's see, the woman who did the Un-coloring Books did one entitled Young at Art for preschoolers. It is absolutely fantastic.

Janice VanCleave has many, many books about science. Some are geared mores towards preschool to around 1st grade, others for older kids. I happen to prefer the ones for preschoolers.

I have a weakness for books with lots of colorful pictures, so Kingfisher and DK books litter our bookshelves. It's nice to have some encyclopedia-like books and/or field guides as you develop interests in various subjects. One of my kids likes to browse through books like this and just absorb info.

None to trade or sell...most of the ones I've mentioned (except Draw-Write-Now) are available at our public library, though, so you might see what's available to you that way.
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