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I'm starting to work on something similar to this. We are trying to buy a house and will be moving in 6-8 wks if we do. I'm on a major decluttering/cleaning/organizing frenzy right now to get ready to move. I'm sick of how unorganized and cluttered my house is so I want to start the new house off right. Organized and clean without clutter.

I made a storage inventory list and saved to my comp. to print more pages as needed. It has a spot for Box title, storage location, and contents. Like this:
Box Title:
Storage Location:

(a couple lines for contents) Each box I'm packing that will be stored (next season's clothes, holiday stuff, etc. is getting a title i.e. 6-9 mo. boys clothes. I write the title on the box and my list. The contents are written on an index card to place in the box and on my list. This list is detailed too. i.e. 1 jacket, 2 jeans, 5 shirts, etc. Once I decide where I will store each box at the new house I'll write the location on my list.
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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