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Article on compulsory schooling from TCS

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I just finished reading this and it echoed how I felt all throughout school. Any thoughts on it? And how does it relate to homeschooling families?
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I think she talks eloquently about children who do hate school. However, the statement:

"So I, as an adult and a psychologist, want to say to any children out there who hate school: you are not alone. Most people hate it too, but usually they don't feel entitled to say so, and many can't bear to think about it so they hardly even know how they feel."

is way over the top, imo. I don't believe that 'most' children hate school, but it would depend what school you went to to find out. I've worked in schools where the vast majority of children loved coming to school. I've seen 'school phobic' children move to these schools and become so keen on school that they turn up an hour before school starts to see their teacher and help in the classroom.

As with most of the TCS articles, I find it melodramatic and extreme. References to Saddam Hussein in the same breath are unnecessary, imo, to an intelligent analysis of the facts. This is not to deny that some children hate school, some teachers are terrible, some schools are terrible, and some parents force their children to attend in spite of their unhappiness.

But, in my experience, most children do not hate school, most teachers are caring and well-liked by their students, most schools are nurturing and stimulating places, and most parents are sensitive to their children's feelings.

It's a shame when an article is written in pure emotion-speak, with no real substance to back up its point. This is a major flaw, imo, of the tcs philosophy, but I don't want to return to the days of the endless, going around in circles tcs debates.
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How does it relate to homeschooling families?
I think this idea is a big reason of why many families choose to homeschool.
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