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A new resource has been started for natural minded moms of closely spaced kids. This includes a newsletter/mini book published every other month, a forum and soon a library of articles.

The Nov/Dec issue is in need of articles from moms and/or birth professionals about topics relating to natural living and parenting closely spaced kids. If you're interested in having your article posted online in the article library, just let me know.

if you're interested in writing, full credit will be given with your article and I would love to include your business URL or blog URL and a short bio. Articles can be on any topic that pertains to moms of closely spaced kids - health during closely spaced pregnancies, tandem nursing an infant and toddler, parenting issues/mom issues with closely spaced kids, how to get things done during the day, organization, homesteading and homeschooling with closely spaced kids, etc, etc. In fact, a list of topics covered in the newsletter is on the website.

If you can, please tell your friends and clients about this new resource!
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