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Artistic Challenge Thread (ACT) APRIL 3-10th

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This will hopefully be the start of a regular series. Every Monday I will post a new idea for you artistic mamas. You may use your medium of choice, and be creative! Drawing, painting, sculpture, photography, collage, movie, songs, heck even puppets... all to convey the ACTs idea of the week. Then, use a scanner, digital camera, or any other means to share your creation with the board by Sunday night.

This week, we'll start with something basic and wide open: Mothering

Let us know if you're in on the challenge, and update on your progress if you'd like! Thanks!
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This is an interesting idea... I do not have time to do your current idea, but I do have some paintings I did right after ds's birth based on my experience. Can I share these with you?
Yeah. Blah. Nobody's taken up the challenge. Heck, I haven't even had time to work on developing myself more artistically. Well, let's give it until the end of the month...? How's that sound?
i was thinking of starting a thread like this directed towards creative ap mamas where i live in bc. nice to see that there is already a thread started. i'm in for this artistic challenge/motivation, are you still up for it Journey?
now i know you havent had your kids for 3 weeks right now and the courts may be taking them away and i know that out of the 3 weeks you havent had your kids you only called once to try and get them and then gave up. So how do you plan on having creativeness with your kids when you dont even have them.......hhmmmmmmm
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