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Asher Sloan is here -- birth story

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Asher Sloan was born at 6:48 pm on April 1. He weighed 8 lbs 15 oz and was 21 inches long.

The birth story is C&P from another forum. Be ready, it's long.

I guess it all really started early Wednesday morning. I was having painless contrax about every 5-6 minutes that weren't going away with walking, showering, etc. So we called the Birth Center and they had us come in to get checked. I was only about 2cm and soft, so they sent us home.
We were still thinking that he would come in the next 24 hours, so we had my mom come down so she could stay with ds and we wouldn't have to worry about him if we ended up having to hurry in.

Contractions totally stopped over night. My mom did ds duty and I got a huge night's sleep.

So Thursday. DH took DS to school and my mom and I walked the beach and went to Old Navy. We picked DS up (his teachers were upset that I was still pg) and ran some more errands. I was having contrax here and there, but nothing regular.

Nothing overnight again.

Friday. DS, my mom, and I went to the mall to walk. I also got a pedicure to try to start something. I have glamorous red toes now, btw. I was back to the painless contrax every 5 or so minutes, but by this time I was totally ignoring them and figuring that he was never coming.

Overnight, I had a couple of contrax that woke me up, but they would go away if I turned over or changed position.

Saturday, I was still having contractions about 5 minutes apart, but about noon they actually started to hurt. I was still not sure that this was the "real" thing, so DH and I headed out to wander around. We browsed around the used bookstore for a while and then to WalMart to kill time. I was starting to have to consciously relax during contrax now, so we finally decided to call the m/w. She said to come on in, so we set off.

The car ride was a little owie, but we cranked up music and sang all the way there, which helped. Stacy, the student m/w, met us at the birth center at 5:00. She's very cool, only has 1 semester left of training, so she knows what she's doing. Anyway, she checked me but had a hard time telling exactly how much dilation was going on because the bag of waters was majorly bulging with each contraction. So she sent us out to walk the neighborhood to see if that would break my water.

We walked for about a half hour, but things were getting pretty intense, and it was too hot out for me to be comfortable, plus I had to pee. So we headed back inside. Now we're getting to the slightly weird, TMI portion of things, but here we go. I went to the bathroom, but could NOT get comfortable on the toilet. They have like medical grade toilets that are kind of high, and that wasn't working for me. I wandered around inside a bit, lay on the bed for DH to rub my back. Stacy got me an ice pack for my face/neck, but I ended up having DH press it on my lower back, which distracted me from the pain in the front. I told Stacy what was up with the uncomfortable toilet, and she said I could try the staff bathroom.

Literally 10 seconds after I sat down on the low toilet, my water broke very gushily and I had to push. Stacy said to let my body do what it needed, but not to consciously push yet. We let that feeling ease up and then moved back to the bed. Diane, the main m/w, walked it just that minute, and they got into high gear getting stuff ready. I was on hands & knees, continuing to have DH keep the ice on my back, not really pushing, but not not pushing, if you kwim. I didn't really have a choice about the matter, and Stacy had to remind me to take super deep breaths so he would have enough oxygen, too. All of a sudden, I felt like he was right there. I said, "I think he's coming." And DH was like "uh-huh," and I said "Diane, I think he's coming." And she turned around and said, "Well, yes he is."

So I got to push to get his head out, then I had to wait while she got his cord unlooped from around his shoulder and neck. Then I got to push him out for real, and she slid him up under me, and I sat back on my knees and watched him turn from blue to pink and sneeze and snurfle and complain about being born. His exact birth time was 6:48 pm. An hour and 48 minutes after we got to the center.

Then I sat back on the pillows and held & nursed him while DH cut the cord. We got to just hang out and check him out while we waited for the placenta. Then DH held him while I pushed that out (about 30-45 minutes after the birth). It was kind of cool, because the amniotic sack was intact except for the hole where it had popped and Asher slid out. It was a double sack, so there were actually two membranes around the placenta. We thought it was neat. Maybe we're weird.

Then Diane finished Asher's check. His apgars were 9 and 9, despite his purpleness, and everything else checked out fine. I had to get 3 stitches in the same area where I tore with DS, but that was 5 stitches, so I think 3 was pretty good. Especially for a mondo-baby. He weighed 1 lb 11 oz more than his brother had.

DH went out to get me Steak-n-Shake, and Asher had his bath while we ate. I took a lovely hot shower, then Stacy did all the "education" stuff, Asher nursed 1438 more times, and we got to go home.

Of course, I'm saying "Asher" like he had a name before about 10 pm. I made another bid for Leo, and DH said that was fine, but I kind of felt like I was getting him at a vulnerable moment, since seeing the cord all wrapped around Asher had freaked him out. Then I briefly thought that Sloan Daniel would be a nice name, but DH nixed that. So I said, "well, obviously his name is Asher." And so it was.

DS is still thrilled with him. He keeps saying how CUTE he is, asking to hold him, and poking his little fat cheeks. Asher is a total chowhound, nursing every 2-3 hours without having to be woken up. His latch is seriously better than DS ever was. We went to the pede Monday, got his newborn metabolic screen, PKU test, etc. He weighed 8-14 naked, so I guess he's holding his weight. His cord fell off today, so he's asleep in one of the wool soakers I knitted for him. *sigh* He's so cute.

My mom left yesterday, DH's family comes on Saturday and staying thru Passover. I plan to hole up in my room with Asher.
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Congrats Mama! Welcome baby Asher! What a wonderful birth story!
Mazel tov to the max! What a great story! And welcome to Asher - it's a fabulous name!
Wonderful story - thank you for sharing! Congratulations and happy baby moon to you.
For some reason, I am in tears! *CONGRATULATIONS!* I hope to have a labor/delivery so beautiful sounding.... (((((HUGS))))) sandi
Welcome baby Asher!!

Mom to 4 daughters and ? due end of April
What a nice birth story. I really like the part about the meal at the end
Congrats to you and welcome little Asher. What a FAB name!!!
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Love the name and the birth story!!


What a beautiful birth story and a beautiful name.


Thanks for that great story! You made it all sound so easy - it gave me a really good feeling. I needed that, thanks.
Congratulations! What a beautiful name. Tina~
I love the name too, and what a great birth story! Happy Babymoon!
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