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Does anyone else have a toddler with asthma?

My 2 yo DD has just been given the diagnosis of asthma after having breathing issues her whole short life. She had RSV as a 3 week old (something I had never heard about until she got it). Dh had asthma as a child, as did his sisters (one sister still has it). We are on the wait list to go see the ped. allergist/asthma specialist. We are sure she has allergies too, certainly she cannot tolerate too much cow's milk. So Dd will have an allergy prick test. Has anyone had any experience with this? What do they do at an asthma check?

She is on the nebulizer, supposed to be 2 times a day (down from every 4 hours during her last episode)...but I am afraid of the side effects of the meds on her tiny body. Does anyone know anything about these medications (she is taking pulmicort and xyponex....dont have the package in front of me for the correct spelling)? Anyhow, I am giving it to her once a day since that is all she seems to need to stop her from wheezing.

Are there any measures you have found helpful in controling your child's asthma aside from medication? I have started to wash all the bedding in hot/hot water (I was using cold) to kill dust mites and have encased her mattress. I plan to get ours covered too as she often is in our bed. She coughs whan I those hepa vacs really work? I bought those hepa bags for my vac, but I am unsure if they are working any better.

TIA for any help or advice you can give.
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