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Astoria, Or Mommys

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Any mommys living in Astoria, Oregon or nearby? I just moved here, and I'm looking for mommys to walk with/go to Sunday Market with/playdates, etc. My hubby works all day and I don't know anyone here. Let me know!
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I had to say hi.
But I don't live in Astoria anymore.
At least I'm giving your thread a bump.

I lived in Astoria about 13 years ago.
It is an interesting place to live.
My family loved to watch the ships come in.
Have you climbed the colum yet?
One of the funnest things is when it snows, how the town shuts down.
Everyone just turns those hilly roads into a big party.

I miss the ocean.
Enjoy for me.
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Check out the PDX thread... We might be going camping at Ft Stevens this summer and we would love to meet you.
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Aww I'd love to meet up at Ft. Stevens, I've been their many times. My husband and I are BIG campers!

SeaGal-Oh you would love the house we have in Astoria. It's an older Victorian home with a porch that wraps around the house. But the best part? You can see the ocean (well I guess its the columbia river but its salt water) from our couch in our living room and out on the porch. It's AMAZING! We watch the ships sail by all day! And their are sea lions lined up across the bridge and we can see them too from our house. I feel like I want to live on water for the rest of my life! And yes I have been up the column many times. DH and I used to live in Astoria about a year and a half ago, and we lived there for like 6 months. He just got a major promo. at the dealership there, so we moved back. I will enjoy it for you! I can't wait for the Astoria Sunday Market. It starts the last weekend in May. Have you ever gone to that?
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I just posted the same thread! I moved to Astoria this summer then had my son 5 days later. I'm a SAHM and my husband is working all day, too. My husband grew up here so we know a few people, but I'm by myself most of the time...
meggie- Oh how happy I am to find another mommy in Astoria! If you are ever up for walking, you should PM me! I live over by Safeway...Where does your husband work, if you don't mind me asking?
I'm on 43rd street so we're probably pretty close--my husband works at an internet/computer programing company (yes, there is such a place in Astoria if you can believe it) on pier 39. Whenever Seamus and I take the river walk we get to walk right past his daddy's work--I love that about living in a small town!
hi, i am moving to long beach, i will be there in about 3 weeks ( my house is ALMOST sold!) and i am leaving all my great parenting friends behind in spokane.

i was reading about mamas in Astoria, that is about 20 min. from long beach, i was wondering if anyone comes over to long beach and i would also love to meet the mamas in astoria, if that is ok...
i am a single parent, my son is a year and a half. we own a health food store that my parents and i are starting up in long beach and closing the spokane branch.
hopefully talk to some local mamas soon!
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Hello eddiesmommy! Welcome to the coast. I love Long Beach...was married in the glad you'll be in the neighborhood (relatively speaking)...
Any of you coastal mommies interested in maybe starting some kind of mommy group? It would be great to have a support group/play group for those of us who are new to the area. We could go on walks, have play dates--maybe even do cooperative babysitting. My background is in Early Childhood Education so I love the idea of having music and art sessions with my little one someday...any thoughts?
oh. lucky. lucky.

i want to move to astoria so bad but my husbands job is not available there. it makes me so sad...
i would love to be there and hang out with other astoria mommies.

oh man, i miss the coast

stupid portland/vancouver area. .hehehehe
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I would love to! I know there is a homeschooling mommy group that meets up here in Astoria on Wednesdays and Fridays, but I hate going to things like that alone. I'm kind of shy in the beginning I guess. But I would love to start a group of our own! I'm a SAHM so I'm open anytime.

Meggie-I'm on Franklin, so we are very close! I think my cross street is either 35th or 36th. Anyway, I walk that same river walk all the time! I wonder if I've passed you before?!

Eddysmommy-I don't get over to Longbeach very often, but I could if I had a reason to! I want to check out your health foods store when you get here!

Exquisitebones-What kind of field is your husband in? I wonder if maybe he would be willing to move closer to Astoria. Maybe in Longview? That's not that far from us at all.
he installs granite and marble...
i bet he could get a place in longview.. i didnt even think about that..
longview is only a little while a way!

Genius! pure genius!
Hello ladies-
I am a new momma of a four month old. I grew up in the area but moved back here a couple of years ago after living in seattle for 4 years.
I have been trying to start a mommas group but haven't gotten much reply. I currently work part time, but my schedule is felxible. I hope we can all get together soon.
I currently take a yoga class and the teacher is going to start a momma and infant class starting in May. No previous experience in yoga necessarry.

Hi meggie-after talking to you last night I decided to check out this sight. It is great. Also check out
they have lots of tribes for mammas such as attachment parenting, aware mommas, breastfeeding tribes. I will talk to you soon
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O.K. Ladies, so lets get this mama group started instead of just talking about it. First of all what day of the week works best for you guys? For me, Thursdays and Fridays are usually not good, because those are dh's days off. Mornings or Afternoons? I don't have a preference, either would work. I can say that in the morning I'm probably more chipper, in the afternoon I'm usually pretty exhuasted! I say we should all plan to get together here in the next week and go for a walk?
Exquisitebones-There is a granite place in Astoria! I think it's called Granite Works. It's on Marine Dr. I believe. I don't know if it would work out, but its worth a try to check out! I'm sure if you look it up on the net or 411 it you could call them. If not, go the Longview route! Then you will be so much closer to us! Plus if he works in Longview, you could even maybe move to Knappa or Claskanine, which is even CLOSER to Astoria! Plus its absolutely beautiful out there in the country.
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ok, lets do it!
wednsdays and sundays work best for me and mornings are great since our liittle pixie is an early riser.
Sundays always work for me, because my husband rarely gets those off. Wednesdays are usually good for me too. Mornings sound great!
Let's make it official then--How about next Wednesday morning at 9am? Too early, too late? Maybe walk or meet for coffee/tea if raining...Let's pm/email to confirm the details. Can't wait!
hello ladies-
next wednesday is great but can we meet at 10 instead? I like to take my time in the morning and wake up before I go out into the world. Where do you want to meet? Maybe safeway parking lot for a walk and if it is raining we could even grab some coffee/tea at starbucks and sit in there seating area. Just an idea.
Let me know what you ladies think.
Love and peace
Hilary and fiona
Yeah 10 sounds a little better! That works for me, if that works for you guys. Maybe sometime we could all go grab a bite to eat at the Urban Cafe. Mmmmm. I need to get a new stroller, because ours is crappy! So bare with me if I'm strugglin' with ours. Also, hope you all don't mind, but I will be bringing my dog if it's sunny!
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