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At a Loss Re: Wraps

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I've been thinking about the wrap thing for awhile. I am generally a loyal rebozo user. Started out with a homemade fabric "rebozo" (or several, bec. we lose things easily), but when I finally tried a real rebozo I was amazed at the difference in comfort with a woven shawl. Dd got older, and I got interested in trying a wrap, so I made one out of an old T-shirt-textured sheet. I liked the security for awhile, but ended up ditching it because it was this huge bulky thing in my bag that trailed all over the sidewalk while I spent a full 60 sec. tying dd in only to have her want to get out and nurse 10 min. later! :) I concluded that maybe dd and I are not wrap people. Esp. since I should mention, I'm not one to leave a sling tied while I take dd in and out of it. If I don't have it freshly tied each time, she always seems to end up leaning away from my body or otherwise slightly off.

But over a year later, it is summer and I am wanting to take 2.5 yo dd on long walks/hikes, so I started putting her in the Backpack Carry in the rebozo, barely missing the fringe. Remembering the huge difference rebozo weave made, and having heard nothing but amazing raves about Didymos fabric, I thought, maybe I should try an actual diagonally woven wrap, after all.

So this morning I got a new Girasol in the mail.

It seems SO THICK and bulky relative to my rebozo, completely apart from length (jogged my weak memory about the 60-sec-tie-with-toddler-squirming-and-wrap-all-over-the-sidewalk phenomenon). Because of this, any advantage in vertical strength was overriden by my inability to wrap and tie tightly enough with all that coarse bulk. It didn't feel any more secure, just like I was wearing a large blanket wrapped all around my torso.

I've seen Guatemalan perraja/rebozo shawls of regular length (not long enough for 2-shoulder carries), and I can imagine where this fabric might feel comfy for that. So that makes me think maybe I am just missing the wrap concept.

Am I doing something wrong?

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I'm no expert on wrap slings... but why not get a real rebozo and return the Girasol?
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Sorry I was unclear -- I already have a real rebozo, but it's getting too short to put dd in 2-shoulder back carry for long walks.

The weird thing is, right after I wrote that post, dh put napping dd on his back in the Girasol, was perfect on him!
Why not just buy some fabric to make your own? I got some of the cotton gauze to make my own wrap and it works really well. I do still have this big piece of trailing fabric to tie on, but you could just buy what you need... and its not too thick
I got the idea from!
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Do you ever visit ebay? Go there, type in "rebozo" in the search engine and you'll find many to choose from. The guy who gets them straight from Mexico is nice to work with and has them in different lengths. Last year I got a 10' or so one from him direct--because he didn't have any of the very long ones on ebay yet. Now he does. has tying instructions for many types and lengths of sling/rebozo. Wish I'd had this back when I was first trying to back carry DD, though we did alright.
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The Ellaroo is just like a Girasol, but thinner fabric. I was going to buy a Girasol and got talked out of it by someone who thought that considering the heat/humidity factor of where I live, I would probably be happier with a thinner fabric. I'm so glad she did!
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