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At Home ICI's

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Does anyone have tips on how to perform your own ICI with donor sperm at home? I've been told a 5 cc syringe works, but what else would I need to know? Do you first check cervical position and opening? How do you know when you've gotten the syringe into the cervix? Can you do this by your self, or do you need an "assistant" to perform the ICI?

What should the timing be after a positive OPK? Same as with IUI (24 and 48 hours after surge?) or earlier, to allow for "swimming"?

Any help would be appreciated!
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Hi! Welcome to MDC!

I'm about to sign off to put the kiddos to bed, so I don't have time to answer all your questions, but I wanted to recommend a GREAT book that answers all of your questions (and more that you may not have thought up yet) in great detail. It is called "The Essential Guide to Lesbian Conception, Pregnancy and Birth," and it's by Kim Toevs and Stephanie Bill. It helped me get pregnant both times and I think it is the most comprehensive source on insemination that there is.

HTH! and good luck!

You should do ICI's about 12 and 36 hours after surge.

You can find a LOT of info on home insems at the following links: (this is kind of helpful if you use a speculum)

If you Google "home insemination", a lot of links pop up.
You can PM me if you have any questions or need to find more info, etc.
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Thank you both for the information. I will follow up as soon as I can. Just one quick question - is the ICI something I can do (easily) alone?

Yes, if you look at the 3rd link I posted, it basically tells you how to go about it step by step, what items you will need to do it, etc.
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Wonderful! Thank you for the links. I'll check them out this weekend.
I don't have anything to really add, but Good Luck!!!
(about what i know is: hips propped up on a pillow & stay lying down for at least 20 minutes afterwards)
So, now I understand how to do at-home ICI's, and I have my RE's blessing to go ahead. However, CCB (my sperm bank) doesn't send syringes and catheters. Do you know where I can get them for use with frozen specimens (as opposed to fresh)? Help here will be greatly appreciated! I have about a week before I will need them, and I would like to practice before I actually have the specimens, so I can get the technique down.

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