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I cannot believe I am here! It is such a total surprise.

I was feeling kind of bad lately - hungry all the time, very tired, weepy, thirsty, restless legs. On top of this my nipples hurt like hell when DD is nursing. So I went to a doctor this Thursday and she listened to my symptoms. She asked me if I think I might be pregnant, and I was like - oh no, no chance! I didn't even have my period for a while and DD is nursing every two hours, so there is no chance I can get pregnant. Right?

So the doctor said that in that case I sound like a case of pre-diabetes! Can you imagine? I got so stressed. My God. Diabetes?!? She sent me to do all kinds of blood tests. I spent the rest of the day completely stressed out that I have diabetes - reading online about diabetes symptoms and on how to live with the disease. I have multiple cases of diabetes in the family so I immediately saw myself doomed.

Of course I couldn't fall asleep at night, from all the worrying. So I went to the kitchen to make some relaxing tea and while the water was boiling decided to clean the kitchen drawers, to keep myself busy. In one of the drawers there were several pregnancy tests. So just completely out of desperation I went to the restroom to pee on one, totally not expecting anything. And WHA_HA! What?!? How?!? I don't even remember when we had sex last time. Seriously. Pregnant? Me? Again?

It is Saturday and I am still in total shock. According to my calculations the EDD should be somewhere around the very end of April. But it is so inaccurate, cause I didn't have period for a while and I have no idea what is the conception day. It is totally crazy

At least I don't have diabetes
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