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At my wit's end w/the dog

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Aja is a 5 mo. old Cockapoo and we are having major potty training problems! I am not an expert (neither is DH) on potty training a dog and my ignorance is starting to become a real problem.

She will go out, do her business (all potty breaks are supervised by me), come in and run around and play and not even 10 minutes later she's either pooped or peed on the floor. I leave her out for plenty of time each potty break and I see her pee a river. She doesn't poop each time but I pretty much have her schedule down when she does that. Somehow she still comes in and does it on the floor. Generally it's by a rug for some reason. It's really starting to get to me. The smell is awful (being pg doesn't help) and I'm just tired of all the messes!

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Here's a good link with specific house training instructions.
Thanks for the link.
I'm reading it to DH now.
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